About FroG

Friends of Glaneirw (FroG) are seeking to prevent the loss of one of Wales’ longest running community projects, Glaneirw, into the hands of private ownership, and thereby removing a resource from the local community which has spanned four decades.

There is strong belief amongst the group that, after years of Glaneirw struggling, it has reached the lowest point in it’s history, and that the time has come for Glaneirw to find its feet again – only this time with the input and support of MANY well intentioned people.

FroG aims to create a membership body to assist in retaining the housing co-operative and resources at Glaneirw, and to help restore the buildings and grounds to provide viable housing, education, work and leisure opportunities for the local & wider community.

If you would like to become a member of FroG please contact us at:


We can then send you a membership application form

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2 Responses to About FroG

  1. Peter Rudd says:

    What a nice tranquil place, compared with the venom and hysteria elsewhere!

    Let’s keep it eloquently reasoned and, above all, constructive.

  2. jendavies87 says:

    This place has so much potential with the right group of people, I really wish you all the best in getting this project off the ground

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