Sale of Glaneirw

Hi to all who’ve been following this sorry saga and apologies for not providing a timelier update – this is due to lots of different factors going on recently.

Unfortunately the opportunity to present a counterclaim challenging the sale of Glaneirw will not now be heard at County Court on Monday 25th Feb. This is due to circumstances beyond FroG’s control – the details of which we do not wish to divulge at this time in order to protect peoples’ right to privacy.

The sale of Glaneirw will sadly go ahead. It was always a long shot for the sale to be stopped but it’s unbelievably frustrating that the counterclaim will not be heard. Understandably many people will be gutted and feel cheated, as do we. There is no doubt in our minds that the sale is wrong both morally and ethically, if not legally.

This was confirmed by correspondence received from most of the Founding members and many other previous members of Glaneirw. They are saddened and angered that a family units’ alleged restriction of membership has enabled them to gain control of Glaneirw’s considerable assets, and that the sale was justified under the guise of continuing the co-op elsewhere (which was later revealed to be a three bedroom farmhouse!!!)

At the very least the issues surrounding governance of the co-op have been highlighted. FroG are sceptical that they will move on to run a bonafide fully mutual housing co-operative; people will be watching and we hope that they prove us wrong.

Rumours of the house being trashed are just that, and FroG cannot confirm if the new owners will demolish the buildings.

Jonesi is doing ok and is sorted for accommodation. If any of his friends are concerned about his welfare give him a bell – he’ll put you straight.

This is the not end for FroG, we are focused on continuing to work as a community benefit group. We have had so much support, positive energy and made strong new bonds which we hope to put into future projects. Watch this space… 🙂 x

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