Details from Formal Mediation

Details on mediation that took place on Thursday 10th January 2013

There were three proposals that John, Yusuf, and Joseph offered:

1) £200,000 to Amy, Alf, Daisy (personally, or to a new Co-operative they could set-up – their choice), which could be used to buy the premises of their choice.
a) Funding was offered to cover the potential costs of A&A breaking the sales contract in the instance that the prospective buyers decide to sue for breach of contract.
b) A&A open up membership allowing new people to join the co-operative.
c) The court costs of the eviction proceedings against John would also be paid.
d) Private funding is available and the offer of a mortgage on Glaneirw House which would be suitable to cover those costs, and another £250,000 to renovate Glaneirw and bring it back into its proper and intended usage, for both prospective tenants and the community.
This offer still stands.

2) That Alf, Amy and Daisy could stay in the cottage as tenants, and private investors would give money to:
a) pay off the buyers to stop the sale, and
b) invest £250,000 into renovating and renewing the buildings and land.
c) A&A open up membership allowing new people to join the co-operative.

3) That Glaneirw Housing Co-operative Ltd accepted:
a) a co-op health check to ensure everything was in order or brought up to scratch,
b) agreed to buy a new place suitable for new members – more than just a single family unit (or a single family unit plus one or two), and accept some new members,
c) that the Co-op ask the buyers for an undertaking not to split the land up as according to their occupancy agreements.

So far all three offers have been refused outright, but they still stand.

If the matter can’t be settled, and regardless of who might win at Court, the other alternative is that an external party has stated they would apply for the Co-op to be suspended, and then de-registered. If that occurred, the land and buildings end up with the Government, and would be sold by the Treasury, and any remaining surplus would be put into a suitable new or existing organisation. None of the current parties would gain anything, the Government may or may not permit the current sale, but at least the assets or the proceeds of sale would be used appropriately.

John was offered £20,000 by A&A on the understanding that all opposition to John’s eviction proceedings were dropped. John has asked A&A to agree to Glaneirw Coop undertaking a co-operative governance health check from the CDS (Cooperative Development Services) before agreeing to any amount. Alf and Amy have already agreed to a health check. The solicitor was asked to agree that John should be provided the results of that check, which they appear agreeable to. John’s agreed in principle. However, it wasn’t his to accept, unless and until the other parties accepted (Joseph and Yusuf). Joseph and Yusuf did NOT refuse, they are considering the matter, together with John.

It should be noted that John stated he preferred to donate money to a cause such as Shelter rather than gain from this himself.

The situation is ongoing – more information to follow.

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