Welcome to our blog

Welcome to the friendsofglaneirw blog. The intention of this blog is to publish updates on what is currently happening at Glaneirw Housing Co-operative.

But firstly it is requested that the private lives of any members, occupants or visitors of Glaneirw are respected and that people do not turn up uninvited.

If you would like to help or visit, please contact getinvolvedwithglaneirw@riseup.net with your contact details and interests in the project, especially if you can donate fire wood, wood chippings, cleaning equipment or lend a step ladder!

Last Thursday at Carmarthen County Court the judge granted an adjournment in favour of some of the occupants against two members at the proceedings of a Claim for Possession. Wider issues regarding the management of the co-operative were raised and mediation was suggested by both parties as a means to resolve the current situation.

And indeed mediation would enable both parties to move forward in the same direction. Much time and energy needs investing in the house instead of being consumed with the current legal proceedings against us.

The monthly mortgage at Glaneirw is £350 but donations are welcome for running costs and to assist in the future planning of Glaneirw as a community project.

Prospective tenants are essential as well as people willing to invest money, time and energy in future projects at Glaneirw and will enable the formulation of a business plan.

In conclusion, your active and practical support and positive input would be helpful in order to restore Glaneirw as an asset to the local and wider community.

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